Tatkal Passport – What is Tatkal Passport, Apply Online, Time and Types

In this guide, we will discuss about most important document which named as Tatkal Passport. This article will inform you about the meaning of Tatkal Passport, how can you apply for this, how much time it can be take, its kinds.

What is Tatkal Passport?

In present days, a passport is most essential document which is issued by the government. Without any trouble, a passport is used to travel to another nation. With the help of this official document, you can be assured that your journey will be smooth into other nation. As this document can be applicable as an address and id proof, so it helps you to get different government and private services.

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In India, the firms which are related to responsibility of administering the service and issuing passport to Indian citizens are the Consular, Passport & Visa Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Receiving a new or reissue passport includes several levels. It can be online or offline.

How To Apply For Tatkal Passport?

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Here, we are giving those steps which you should follow to apply for Tatkal Passport.

  1. Firstly, visit the official portal of Passport Seva and Register yourself.
  2. Secondly, you will be received a unique ID and password and login with your ID and password.
  3. Then, you will be see the two options that is- Fresh and Re-Issue. Now, you have to select the applicable option.
  4. In the scheme type, you need to choose ˜Tatkal’ option.
  5. Now, you should download the application form and fill up the form. Then, yield the form online.
  6. Now, you need to finish the payment process. Then, you need take print out the receipt online payment.
  7. At last, you have to book an appointment at the closest Passport Service Kendra.

How Much Time Take For Tatkal Passport ?

Tatkal Passport application method is that method which includes quick verification and faster processing. In the comparison of normal application method, this is much faster and quick application method. Under this plan, those passports which are issued, are to be sent within 1 or 3 days from that time, whenever the applicant completed the needed paperwork at the Passport Seva Kendra. This plan assures you that you will be get early appointment. As we mentioned before, it includes quick processing with the help of an individual line.

Types of Passport Application

There are two categories of application which depends upon the requirement and urgency for a passport that is Normal & Tatkal. Tatkal method is present for both fresh or reissue passports. This passport method can be only applicable for those customers who have genuine reason of getting on urgent basis. Under this plan, the method of receiving a passport issued remains the similar, either it can be little more or less.

That’s it, you are done. Lastly, we hope that, this guide will helpful to you. Whether you find us helpful, kindly share it with your friends, family and contacts. If you still have any doubts and queries, then come in comment section below.

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